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Bedrock is “like Disneyland for musicians.”  Whether you’re recording an album, writing new songs, rehearsing for a tour, shooting a video or simply in need of some repairs, Bedrock has what you need.  We have the best hourly rentals in LA, an in-house team of repair technicians to fix or mod-out guitars, amps, mics, and pro-audio gear, a retail pro-shop that carries all of your immediate needs plus some extra fun stuff, and a friendly educated attitude-less staff ready to help out.  Bedrock is truly a “one stop shop” for all your musical needs.


Phone: 213.673.1473

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Bedrock is located in Echo Park, a vibrant creative community in the heart of Los Angeles.  Just down the street is Sunset Boulevard, home to The Echo.  The Satellite and Silverlake Lounge are just a few minutes away.   And whether you’re using the bike lanes on Sunset, taking Metro, or the 2, 5, or 101 freeways, we’re centrally located and easy to get to.  Check out the map.

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