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HOURLY REHEARSALS  8 hourly rehearsal rooms in 3 sizes, fully equipped!

(1) SOLO 10×12: $10/hr day, $12/hr night
(5) STANDARD 18×16: $16/hr
(2) SHOWCASE 25×16: $25/hr

PREMIUM huge 24×31 performance area available on day rates, call for info.

All rooms come equipped with complete new backlines. A powerful PA system with monitors, a complete drum set, a bass rig and 2 guitar rigs. All rooms are acoustically treated and have the proper mix of hard and soft surfaces to get a great sound.



The Bedrock Room). [large tracking] Massive 24×31 tracking room with high ceilings connected to  control room, one large iso booth and two small isos. Perfect for drum tracks and live band tracking.

Surround Suite. [5.1/film/mixing/writing/overdubs] Wanna mix your indie film in surround sound? ADR? Mix with an amazing array of plugins and outboard gear? Studio 3 is it.

Call the extension below for rates and more information.

(213) 673-1473 ext. 4

or on our Contact Page

Let our family of producers and engineers create a world-class recording for a reasonable budget.

Bedrock offers an array of gear for rental. Whether you’re looking to use an amp, drum set, P.A. system, staging, or a backline – we’ve got you covered. We offer competitive rates and top tier customer service so that you can get back to focusing on what matters – the music.

What’s more, we have an in-house rental system that allows you to grab the pieces of gear you prefer for rehearsals for less than the price of dinner.

Have a large event? Our staging, line arrays and professional production staff will make it a breeze. Very competitive rates, the latest gear, give us a call!

(213) 673-1473 ext. 2

PINBALL, PODS, MORE! All music and no play sounds a little boring, so we spice things up to keep your spirits high, maximize creativity and continue building the awesome community that is Bedrock. Need a place to stay. Hit up our friends at The Podshare. Pinball. Did you say Pinball? say hi to Molly at Pins & Needles. Our whole facility is full of pinball!


THE REANIMATION STATION Amp, Synth and Pro Audio Repair. Authorized repair center for many brands! Plus Mic and Mic Pre mods. We also work on tube amplifiers, especially like vintage and point to point amps. Former Telefunken mic designer and tech Phil Feinman can make everything work better.>>Click here for more info

GUITAR REPAIR If your guitar or bass just isn’t feeling right, or is impossible to keep in tune, or makes funny noises that aren’t cool, then we can get it in shape. Maybe you just need a good set-up and intonation.  Our in-house guitar repairs can get the job done right right here. Come talk with us for everything including fret jobs, new pickup installation, electronics repair, custom cables, and more!

Muffin Man Music Shoppe

Muffin Man Music is now open! We’re stocking a very select group of brands we can really get behind. For our clients and folks in the neighborhood, we carry a wide variety of perishable items like drum heads, strings, sticks, cables, straps, batteries, etc. Never have to bail on sound check at the Satellite, The Echo or Silverlake Lounge again: OPEN 10am-Midnight!
Mapex Orange Telefunken Gibson Cleartone Orange