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Repair and Modify

Our technical team includes experts on guitars, amps, and pro-audio, all with reasonable rates.  And since they’re right here in Bedrock, you avoid the hassle of loading everything in your car.  It’s just a walk down the hall.  If you have a question or would like a quote, stop in or call in to the appropriate number below:

  • Guitars – 213.673.1473 ext. 6
  • Amplifiers, Pro Audio, and Mods – 213.673.1473 ext. 3

Reanimation Stringed Instrument Services – Guitars + moreGabriel's Handywork

Services include:

  • General setup (intonation, neck relief, action adjustments, clean switches and pots, plus more)
  • Installation and adjustments of pickups
  • Fret crown and dress
  • More of Gabriel's HandyworkRefrets (all sizes!)
  • Any thing else you need, from broken necks to broken bridges.

Gabriel wielding a restorative soldering iron.

Give  a call for more details:

213.673.1473 ext. 6.

The Reanimation Station – Amps and  Pro Audio

Our resident technical guru Phil Feinman heads up The Reanimation Station, Bedrock’s in-house pro-audio repair and modification shop. A former microphone designer at Telefunken, Phil knows the ins and outs of high-end gear like no other.  He’ll fix it right, and he’ll fix it quick.  And with very reasonable rates, he’ll save you cash.

Phil Feinman repairing a Sony C37 mic at Bedrock LA

In addition to repairs, Phil can spruce up your old gear and get you some new sounds.  Any pro audio equipment is fair game, so get in touch for a quote!

213.673.1473 ext. 3

Past Clients Include:

Phil is an authorized repair technician for the following illustrious brands:

Telefunken Elektroakustik Logo
Fender Logo

Rane Corporation LogoEvent Electronics Logo

Mapex Orange Telefunken Gibson Cleartone Orange